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Recent Updates to the Executive Board


Patty and I have been busy changing names and signatures on our checking account and getting other bank matters set up with our new Treasurer.   

We have applied for a Club Credit Card that we jointly personally guaranteed.  This card will be used for deposits at campgrounds, caterers, stationary supplies, florists, website fees,etc.  We will receive a $200 credit once we charge $3000 in 90 days.
We have also applied for a program that will allow us to take credit card payments for dues and rallies.  This will be through our bank PNC.  There is no contract.  (Month to month).  The cost for set up is $195 which is offset by a Bank Promotion of $300 once we process $25 in the system.  This leaves us with a $105 credit with receiving the $300.  There is a $7.50 monthly service charge.  The bank will assist us setting the "Pay Here Button" on our website and teach Patty and I how to use the program.  It will be a link on our website.  Hosts will not have to juggle large expenses and depositing checks in their personal account.
We'll have to design a system for getting the funds to hosts that they will need for their rally.
I also found a website called Zoom where we can have free online meetings with audio and video for 40 minutes with 3-100 people.  No time limit on 1-on-1 meetings.  We can have Board Meetings online and not have to have Rally time spent at meetings.  I'll forward some info from Zoom to you.
Gil Snyder
President Treasure Coasters RV Club



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