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There is an article in the June issue of the Family Motor Coaching magazine which refers to to FMCA’s proposal to extend membership to owners of all types of RVs.

A quote from the Hann’s states “At FMCA events do you see motorhomes sitting in seminars or attending other events.? No, you see people, members, all getting along having fun and sharing ideas, memories, traveling experiences and more.


As President, Charlie Adcock mentioned, It’s not about the equipment. Celebrate the RV lifestyle - whatever equipment an owner chooses! Open new doors for FMAC’s future.”


Editor’s note: The FMCA Governing Board will meet on July 12th during FMCA’s 96th International Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana and vote whether to put this change before the entire membership. If the Governing Board vote passes the plan is to place a ballot in the September, October, and November issues of the FMC magazine so all FMCA members can vote on the proposal.


To paraphrase the FMCA, the Treasure Coaster mission is to bring together Recreational Vehicle owners who share similar interests in congenial, traveling, recreation, and social activities. 



Please contact us by phone, email or complete the contact form if you wish to learn more about this fun loving chapter of the FMCA.



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