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   General Meeting Notes

Dec 8, 2018 Brunswick, Georgia



The General Meeting of the Treasure Coasters RV Club was held December 8, 2018 at Coastal Georgia RV Park. The meeting was called to order at 9:45 AM by Gil Snyder, President. The salute to the flag followed. Gil recognized Helen and Phil Tasker, guests at this rally and Bruce Benedict who had arranged this rally site .
The purpose of the meeting was to determine the charities to which the Club would donate in this calendar year. Requests for suggestions had been solicited via an Email blast. Four suggestions were presented to the meeting.
Frank Benham reviewed the purpose of the Audubon Society and shared their emphasis on water use and the environment.
Frank also reviewed the National Park Conservation Association which focuses on protecting water, especially the Everglades, and the algae problems.
Larry Carter reviewed Support the Troops, a Florida local group that solicits funds and donations to send to troops all over the world.
Mike Flanagan reviewed the activities of Team Rubicon which consists of military volunteer groups that go all over the world to organize teams to respond to disasters. He stated many ways the victims of hurricane Michael who were a
ffected in the Panhandle were helped by Team Rubicon After a discussion about the amount and impacts of our donations it was **Moved, seconded and voted to send a $500 donation to two organizations: Support the Troops and Team Rubicon.
Frank Benham, Vice President, outlined the sites and possible sites for the 2019-2020 rally year. Written information will be on the website soon. Frank also thanked the members who have suggested sites and reviewed the process for assigning hosts for the 2019-2020 rallies. Frank discussed the SEA rally at Lakeland will work with the hosts to facilitate camping together and coordinating club activities during the rally.
Cathy Wyman reported for the Nominating Committee. The positions of secretary and treasure are open for the coming year. Two possibilities for candidates have surfaced. Looking ahead to 2020-2021 the positions of president, vice president, and national directors Weill need to be filled. Nidia Bernsteil, Membership Committee chair o
ffered to take pictures of those who would like new pictures on the website.
It was MSV to adjourn the meeting at 10:35.

Respectfully submitted, Sue Rineer, secretary


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