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The Family Motor Coach Association of which we are a chapter of has been extremely busy revising it’s eligibility rules, it’s website and the magazine. At it’s fall executive board meeting FMCA voted to accept self contained towable RV’s into it’s membership and the members followed suit at the international rally in Perry, GA. With the action taken above by-laws of individual chapters now need to be revised at the chapter’s discretion to allow towable RV members to hold a chapter office. The Treasure Coasters chapter is changing the by-law wording accordingly. 


Revision ARTICLE III MEMBERS 2. DEFINITIONS A. The Term “family unit”, is defined as a person, his or her spouse, or partner, dependents of each, regardless of age, non-dependent grandchildren and greatgrandchildren aged 18 and under. B. The term “membership” is defined as either a family unit or an individual or individuals owning a qualifying recreational vehicle (RV) who share a membership number. C. The term “member”, is defined as each adult who jointly or individually, constitutes a membership. The rights of each member are defined in the description of each category contained in Article III (3) of the FMCA Bylaws. D. The term qualifying recreational vehicle (RV) is defined as “a self contained wheeled vehicle that includes permanently installed cooking, sleeping, and sanitary facilities.” 3. VOTING AND HOLDING OFFICE: A member must own a qualifying recreational vehicle (RV) or at least 1/3 interest in a qualifying recreational vehicle (RV) in order to vote or hold office in this chapter. ARTICLE VI CHAPTER ADMINISTRATION E. VOTING: Except as specified elsewhere in these bylaws, a simple majority vote of members in good standing eligible to vote and voting shall be required to approve or disapprove any matter. 


In the Gillette, Wyoming rally this summer FMCA will vote on eight proposals regarding; “NEWS” link - Treasure Coasters website 1. Rights of members, 2&3. Amending the constitution, 4. Definitions, 5. Membership, 6. Dues and Assessments, 7&8. Governing Board. You may visit the FMCA website members section for additional information. The FMCA magazine has a new name “Family RVing” and has been revamped. Take a look for your self.


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