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   Informal Meeting Notes

January 17, 2020





At the Lazy Days Rally February 16-19, 2020 President, Gil Snyder held an informal information meeting. These notes will keep us all informed.

  Gil recognized present and former Club officers: Frank Benham, Bruce Benedict, Roy Hopper, Don Jett, Roger Ray, Julie Ray, Jan Zerbe, Susan Thompson, as well as  Gordon Girvin, auditor, and Debie Benedict, Nominating Committee. Gil thanked them on behalf of the Club.

  Gil explained that for the Little Wilies all club expenses and participant information will be sent to Patty by check or a phone call to put the expense on your credit card. At arrival at LIttle Willies participants will pay Llittle Wilies directly for the campsite, a $52 fee for three nights. 

  Pecan Park Rally March 19-22 was reviewed by Don Jett.  Registrations MUST be made by January 31st. Upon registering with the campground a $78 fee will be on your credit card to be refunded to the rally fee upon arrival. The three additional activities on the rally schedule will be paid individually if you decide to attend. The  Cattyshack Ranch sounds intriguing!

  Frank Benham informed us the rally schedule for 2020-2021 is almost set.  There are two rallies to be scheduled, March and May. In two weeks time the hosting sign up sheet will be sent.  Members will choose three possibilities to host and a team will be selected for each rally using those choices. (Rumor has it one rally already has hosts!) In addition we may be looking for volunteers to be  responsible for one small part of the rally, such as cleanup or games etc. which will enable members to participate, which we all should do, while not hosting the entire event. 

  Debby Benedict reported that there are four vacancies on the Board: President and Vice President, National Director and Alternate Director.

The Nominating Committee is accepting volunteers.  The suggestion to alternate terms so the President and Vice President serve alternating years was made. We agreed that this needs to be considered by the Club at a future date.  

  Volunteers are needed for the SEA Rally In Lakeland, Feb 5-8.

Mike Flannagan is organizing an opportunity to extend the February Rally by going to the Bluegrass Classic in Brooksville.  Be sure and check the information sent to all Club members by email.   


Sue Rineer, Secretary






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