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   General Meeting

Oct 23, 2021






Treasure Coasters General Meeting

Call to Order

Gil Snyder, President opened the meeting

Recognition of Board

October 23, 2021

  • Recognize Jan Zerbe, Chaplain

  • Recognize Phil Tasker, Nominations Committee

  • Recognize Linda Nichol, National Director

  • Recognize Patty Gillen, Treasurer

  • Recognize Kathy Wyman, Secretary

  • Recognize Frank Benham, Past President

  • Recognize Nidia Bernstiel, Membership

    Treasurer's report

• Dues list most everyone paid but some members are sick please keep in prayers RobbDrellich

Barbara Carlson

  • Copies of the report are at the table and Patty is available to answer questions

  • We have over $5000 in treasury

  • Thanks to all the hosts who made money for the club and kept good reports

  • The Audit Report was good

Everything balanced at the end of the fiscal year
• Gil: special thanks to Patty for assisting all hosts with expense reports

General Business New Board Next Year

Gil: Thanks to all officers that help make this club.

  • The club needs a whole new board this time next year. We need people to step up and help run the club.

  • Rob Drellich and Phil Tasker, Nominating Committee, need help so please consider nominating someone you think would make a good board member or volunteer yourself.

  • We need people to help with the club and you all will hear about this at every rally. We need people!

    Patty: Thanks to Gil for continuing as President.

Next Rally

Gil: Next rally in December 13 – 16, Monday to Thursday in St. Augustine.

  • Sue and Tom: December 13 to 16 flyer is out.

  • Whatever holiday is your favorite holiday celebrate please represent your holiday.

  • The chocolate factory tour is optional and there is a lot to do.

  • The entire city is lit up for Christmas.

  • Come early and stay late. Reservations to be made with Compass RV. We have 25 sites with 10

    already taken. Boozy Bingo will be played.

    before and after, please check with them.

    Frank Benham:

    We need officers and we need a VP. The VP does the booking for the rallies for next year of 2, the VP organizes the hosts, the website has the guidelines for the hosts, Frank has the detail on what to do.

    If a host if interested in being VP, then take one. There is a detailed way of organizing a rally from soup to nuts and it will be put on the website.


• Shirts: Tom is the deputy sheriff. Must wear the official shirt and badge, or pay a quarter. If you forgot you go to jail and it's $5 to bail out! Must be to club standards.

Theyareorderingnewclubshirts,Phil 772-286-1393toordershirts,Alagna

Coach Cleaning

Laura: A husband and wife team do hand wax and clean of coach in St. Augustine.

• If you want to use them, contact Laura Lincoln. It’s $11 a foot, he does 2 per day, and she can help you get it done.

Blue Grass Festival

Gil: Mike posted on Facebook about the blue grass festival in Palatka, It is not a Treasure Coasters thing, but several TC members are going. The dates are Nov 11 - 13, Fri to Sat, it's at a ranch.

• If interested, contact Gil. The campground has 30/50 amp, honey wagon, and Al and Retha will be coming so it will be a lot of fun.

Sun Kissed Village Rally

Frank: Thank you for the beer tasting. Next time Bourbon! Or Wine! Whatever you brought, please take the rest home.

Results of the survey for beer and no prizes.

1. First one was Not your Father's Root Beer, Gil Snyder
a. Pissed he won and no prize! And all his beer is gone. LOL!

2. Second Island Coastal Lager, was Bill and Jan Zerbe, Kathy: Who was third?

  • Third was third place was Cider Boys Cider Strawberry Cider

  • Next that got votes was Blond Ale from Hawaii, Sorks

    Raffle for US of Craft Beer winner is Ray Sacchetti
    Gil: Thanks to the hosts, Frank Benham & Nancy Mace-Benham - Paul & Bernie Williams 
    – Mary Bezak

• Sent an email to Mike Flanagan, said this is a great place and we need to book again

Silent Auction

Nancy Benham brought a beautiful quilt for sale to benefit ALS Foundation. A decision was made to put it for a silent auction.

Alan and Linda Pearce won the silent auction and promptly put it up for auction again! Bruce Wyman was the Auctioneer. Bids were flying and the Taskers were the winners at $500. Congratulations!


  • Brunswick did not have all that were promised in the contract so it cost the ones that were there more money.

  • They would not allow us to use the kitchen or the grills so no more rallies there.

  • There are contracts for rallies and if we do not make the number of coaches promised, it costs



    Paul: For breakfast tomorrow even if you are in a hurry to leave there will be breakfast sandwiches for take and go. Please come to breakfast.

    Alan: Don't forget to put your clicker in the box on the way out.


    Gil: Thanks to everyone and the meeting is over.







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