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The March rally of the Treasure Coasters RV  Club was held at Champion Run RV Park, Ocala Florida.

Gus Berges, the National FMCA representative and chair of the Nominating Committee, convened two meetings of those present at the rally. A quorum was present at both meetings.  


Gus presented several changes to the Treasure Coasters Board.

  1.  The position of secretary needs to be filled as Kathy Wyman had limited her term to one year.  Sally Robertson volunteered to fill the position. 

            It was** MSVoted to make this change.

       2) Alan Pearce submitted his resignation as Vice President. Bernie Sork volunteered to fill this position. 

              It was **MSVoted to make this change.

       3) Phil Alagna expressed a need to “step back” from President duties due to family and health concerns. Gil Snyder volunteered to be a substitute for Phil. 

              It was MSVoted to make this temporary change. 


Gus also presented campground changes at  these rallies.


  1.  Mike Flannagan reported the situation at the Oak Alley Campground, (May rally site)  and how the  campground  became unavailable. A new site must be found. Suggestions were given. Canopy Oaks RV Resort was presented as an alternative on the same dates, May18-May 21. It was MSVoted to make this change. 

  2.  The Champion Run Campground was proposed for the March 2024 rally and the group approved this change. 


Gil Snyder read the list of the first three  rally sites in the 2023-2024 season and the following members volunteered to be rally hosts:

    October 16-20 2023 Ocala North RV Resort:    Captain Ron

December 4-8 2023 Saint AugustineRV Resort:  Lynda & John Bender 

                                                                            and Denise & Rob Drellich

January 11-14 2024 Canopy Oaks RV Resort :  Artie & Frank Roan 


Volunteers to support the hosts are needed!! More rallies will need hosts as the season progresses.

The group signed a card to be sent to Diane Alagna with our best wishes for her recovery to continue.


Respectfully submitted

Sue Rineer, Acting Secretary


** MSVoted represents that the items were Moved, Seconded and Voted by the members.







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